Take them out - using the ruins for cover, and grab the Large Soul of a Crestfallen Knight on a center dais. As you return from the peak, take a right after going down the stairs from the small ruins to find a tiny path guarded by a Stone Lizard, who is guarding a corpse holding Dragon Chaser’s Ashes. Click the map to make it larger, and be sure to check out all of our Dark Souls 3 maps. Archdragon Peak, as its name implies, is populated by Man Serpents, Rock Lizards, and Ancient Wyverns. Defeat him as you would any other knight fighter - but be warned: whoever summoned him will keep summoning Drakeblood Knights - so race up the stairs to find a Snake-man Sorcerer on the other side of the balcony. On a rare occasion, the beast itself may rear its head back to launch an explosive flame straight down that spreads, requiring you to shield against the blast or just sprint away. From there, the boss will use a wide variety of abilities to inflict a massive amount of damage, and only a few them leave the dragon open. Try and engage them 1 by 1 to make things more manageable. User Info: psolitsa. Players that enter Archdragon Peak can obtain various Dragon Stones that allow the player to morph into a dragon. If you don't like using shields, then quick hitting weapon and well timed dodges might be your choice on Nameless King : We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Near the side you came in, look for a corpse holding a legendary Titanite Slab. Dodge the spear right before the strike and attack the head after. Once the fire is done, get your shield up and get ready to roll. If you ring the bell before summoning hawkwood and getting to the twinkling dragon torso stone he will just banish himself as soon as he is summoned into your world and you will not be able to complete his quest line. He also likes to dash off in one direction, before returning a moment later, swiping each time. The more devastating attacks come when he charges up his spear. Moving through the ruins, you’ll come into another mausoleum type room with a Snake-man sorcerer on a far ledge, who once again will summon a fighter - a near naked man with a crown and a deadly rapier. From here, go out onto the balcony and look for a ladder leading up to the bridge walkway above. That area won't mess up any quests, it's just pretty hard to run through. Archdragon Peak is an optional location that can be accessed by performing the "Path of the Dragon" gesture near the meditating dragon statue in the Irithyll Dungeon. With or without locking on, make sure you keep an eye on both the dragon and the King throughout the fight. Wait for a few seconds. Heading outside, you’ll encounter two Stone Lizards. Now it’s finally time to get back to progressing, so return to the Dragon-Kin Mausoleum and go right from the sealed gate to a lower walkway. Climb the ladder, then veer left right above the Wyvern's head. How to Get to Archdragon Peak ・Defeat Ocerios, the Consumed King to obtain the Path of the Dragon gesture. Watch for its head to rear back and for the flaring nostrils, then run in against the next and start slashing — with some luck, you may even stagger the beast, opening it up to a special attack. Instead, immediately run forward after entering the room and veer left — you should have time to get there while he's making his grand dramatic entrance. Immediately engage the two, or backpedal to take on the ambusher, before fighting the firebreathing one on the other side of the rocks where his friend can't hit you. However, things don’t have to be that hard. The Dragon Chaser's Ashes are just one of the many Key Items you will find in Dark Souls ... Found on Archdragon Peak. Of course, the Nameless King will do his best to make sure you take much more damage, and he’ll have a slew of attacks from up on high. To reach Archdragon Peak, you must obtain the Path of the Dragon Gesture from Consumed King's Garden, and make your way to Irithyll Dungeon, beside the location of the Dragon Stone Torso, where the petrified dragon acolyte is seated in a meditation like position. Now dash to the nearby fog gate, and take out the shielded snake-man, before climbing the ladder next to him. Further up, you’ll be assaulted by two serpent-men, who wield curved swords or daggers, and aren’t especially strong, but can still pack a lethal punch with wide swings, and even elongate their necks to lunge at you from behind their shields. Now that you have a moment, return to the path you came up from when first getting fired upon to find a corpse dangling over the cliff face with 2 Homeward Bone. We border the prestigious Ukahlamba National Heritage Park, renowned for both its cultural and geographic significance, as well as some of the finest … Cross the bridge and go directly into the room in front of you — a Titanite Scale and a Crystal Lizard await you. Back at the center of the plaza in front of the bell, grab the Large Soul of a Weary Warrior, and go right this time. If not, start strafing left and dodge through the flames quickly moving right against the spread, and then sprint up to the head to attack before it’s finished. You can also sneak up the nearby ladder from the scaffolding to get the literal drop on him from above. The guide simply suggests Untended Graves before Archdragon Peak since the Untended Graves are right after Oceiros, who you need to beat to get the gesture needed for Archdragon Peak. After defeating him, look along the ruined balcony for 12 Lightning Bolt, and 2 Titanite Chunk by some arches. Traverse the span to the other side where the other gate is now open to find a full Dragonslayer Set, including the Dragonslayer Helm, Dragonslayer Armor, Dragonslayer Gauntlets, and Dragonslayer Leggings. Now you can pull the lever to open the main gate - but before going in keep heading left from the gate to find a path around to a smaller door guarded by a snake-man, where you can find a Lightning Clutch Ring. At the end of the hall is a large room where two snake-men assassins wait around a pillar to ambush you, try to lead them back into the hall to take them on one at a time. Ignore all of the bandaged enemies as they're just fodder, and keep making your way upwards in the closest tower. Later on, you will encounter opponents … I'm having trouble getting the second dragon in this area to spawn on top of its perch so I can shoot it with arrows. If you're going up close, a lightning-resistant shield with a 100 percent damage resistance rating will work wonders for blocking most of his attacks. This enemy will be able to move with lightning speed when he needs to, but even his best attacks will leave room for a counter if you can gauge the window. On the first floor, an altar is placed before it, with two worshipping corpses on either side. Open the heavy stone door and follow it into the basement. Knowing this, return to the plateau outside of Irithyll Dungeon (just outside the main bottom floor of the cells leading to a lift) and look for the skeleton of a half-man-half-dragon sitting in the exact same pose. Although dragons are long extinct, the ruins overlook the remains of one on a mountain nearby. Archdragon Peak If that's the case, could lend credence to the idea that Archdragon Peak takes place in the past, as it would seem it probably hasn't been dead all that long since the big dragon slaughter party at the beginning of the age of fire, because its corpse is mostly still intact. Archdragon Peak is kind of ... press the button to switch any of your gestures to the Path of the Dragon. You'll find a Dragonslayer Set, as well as a Titanite Slab in front of the post-boss bonfire. Click here to go to the speedrun section.. Accessing Archdragon Peak. Now continue along the scaffolding below to a door on the far side Entering this large room you’ll no doubt hear the familiar shimmering of a Crystal Lizard. The guide simply suggests Untended Graves before Archdragon Peak since the Untended Graves are right after Oceiros, who you need to beat to get the gesture needed for Archdragon Peak. When the dragon flies up in the air he's going to hail down a firestorm that can stunlock you to death. If he holds it upright with two hands, he’s preparing to slam it down to create an electrical shock wave - with an aftereffect racing forth in many directions seconds later. Just down the stairs from the Great Belfry bonfire is a summon sign for Hawkwood - it seems he too wishes to go on the Path of the Dragon. Dodge quickly and either run under its legs or wait until it takes to the air to get onto a nearby tower before sprinting onward. Take a cue from Hawkwood and perform the Path of the Dragon Emote, and you’ll be rewarded with the Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone. Now cross in front of the bell towards the first building you entered during the boss fight, stopping to grab the Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier on the right, and look for some stairs left of the doorway to get 4 Lightning Urn. Just ensure that his head is lowered before you jump, ideally after one of its fire breath attacks. Archdragon Peak is kind of ... press the button to switch any of your gestures to the Path of the Dragon. Simply wait until they breathe fire, then run in and sneak in four to five attacks. Turn around and veer right for two Homeward Bones, then go up the next hill and turn left to find a nice bonfire. He may also follow this up with a spear strike that will create a singular pinpointed vortex blast that will head in a vertical wall right at you, requiring a dodge to the side instead of going forward or backward. His mount also can attack, as you may see it begin to move to your right, before launching a long trail of fire breath from an arc from your right to left. Place yourself amid the corpses and use the emote, and you’ll gain access to the peak. These pages will seek to prepare you for what lies ahead in the game, which enemies you'll face, and how to best to defeat them. After this you will find yourself on the Archdragon Peak. Archdragon Peak is kind of off the beaten path, so it's best to only go there once you've gotten a grasp on the layout of Irithyll Dungeon. There will be a fountain with a corpse next to it – this is where you’ll get the gesture. Run up the stairs and kill the latter before taking on the former. Across from you and up the stairs is the path we ignored from earlier, which you can walk by to find a small balcony where a Stone Lizard lies in wait around the corner. Archdragon Peak You’ll suddenly appear in the middle of a gorge, with the only path leading upwards. If all goes well, and you manage to learn the attack patterns and take out the mount, the Nameless King will take over the next portion of the battle - and it’s going to be a tough one. If you stay to close to his front, he may raise his foot up, requiring you to step back or risk getting hit by a massive vortex shockwave from his stomp. Walk up the ladder to face against an NPC, which grants you a Dragon Tooth and Havel's Greatshield as a reward, as well as a Titanite Slab on the ground.
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