The Meatcrafter features a very ample lanyard hole. While eyelets secure the material on the side of the sheath, they also provide you with many options for mounting it onto your backpack, hunting gear, MOLLE compatible equipment, belt, or leg gear. The Meatcrafter in one of its two natural elements. Benchmade launched SelectEdge in the Meatcrafter, a knife made for meat processing after a successful hunt. Jun 9, 2020 #2 S. Steel Rain Senior Member. For those working through a pile of elk meat for hours on end, it’s a very nice texture and shape. Best Sellers. Apparently, an Instagram account had one of these blades Rockwell tested by a friend. Benchmade 162-1 Bushcrafter knife Cons. However you slice it, that’s a lot of money for a knife. Currently, the Select Edge is being used on fixed blade hunting knives, but Benchmade may just expand this use in the future. Hot on the heels of the Meatcrafter debut, today the company unveiled a brand new balisong, the 85 Billet Ti Bali-Song.. Hot on the heels of the Meatcrafter debut, today the company unveiled a brand new balisong, the 85 Billet Ti Bali-Song.. Joined Oct 6, 2016 Messages 128 Location Kansas . The handle thickness is 0.55 inch and the blade thickness comes in at 0.09 inch. The completed design meeting these high standards is the Benchmade Meatcrafter 15500-1. And this is where Rinella and Benchmade want the Meatcrafter to fit into the process. Together, they bring you the best boning, processing, and cooking knife available on the market. The lanyard hole is large enough to allow you to use your favorite lanyard material and still be able to hang the knife on a hook in your kitchen or garage. I have no real perspective on this apart from saying this: A single independent source is n… The 85 follows in the footsteps of the 87, the first Benchmade bali with handles each made from a single billet of titanium.That knife was part of the class of 2017, and had a massive 4.5-inch wharncliffe blade. Benchmade Knives has led the way in the design and marketing of well made and easy to use products and all Benchmade knife models can be easily and quickly opened and closed with one hand. The Meatcrafter is born! Yet another Benchmade is on the way, it seems. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this review half as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it, and if I was able to help you to decide on owning the Benchmade 940-1, so much the better. When your adventures afield transition to the kitchen, the right cutting tool will make all the difference. My first impression taking this knife out of the sheath, I noted how comfortable it was to handle while being lightweight at only 4.5 ounces.”. I work with a lot of animals, from moose to beavers, and even if I’d found a knife that worked well for one task, it never had the full versatility I needed. In under 5-10 strokes on a ceramic rod and leather strop, you’ll be able to return the 15500-1 to its former glory, allowing for a longer life of cutting, pushing, and slicing. This Meatcrafter is so sleek and beautiful, nobody would ever know you just brought it in from your hunting or fishing trip. Benchmade hat Formgebung, Größe und Materialien genau auf diese Einsatzmöglichkeiten abgestimmt und einen echten „Heavy User“ geschaffen. The Meatcrafter fills those gaps. Sourced from materials made in the USA, Benchmade makes all their knives in the USA out of its factory in Oregon City, Oregon. The handle fits nicely in your hand. … And while not its intended purpose, it would probably work fine to fillet a fish. The Meatcrafter utilizes a trailing point style blade with a length just over 6 inches and a new premium steel for Benchmade, CPM-S45VN, a steel providing the perfect balance between a fine grain and sharp edge with engineered blade flex. … When I opened this review, I touched on the fact that Benchmade has been creating some incredibly fresh and cool designs that fit a little better into the landscape of 2019’s knife collecting. A proprietary SelectEdge TM sharpening system perfectly balances sharpness and durability to produce … The knife is amazing for cutting steaks, chicken, fish, and large pieces of meat such as a roast with no sawing, only a smooth cut. That said, this is now my go-to butchering and processing knife, so I’m taking it wherever I think it’ll be useful. Price. Log in sign up. Benchmade 162-1 Bushcrafter knife field test results. Benchmade Bailout Review – Final Thoughts. Check out our full Benchmade Meatcrafter review here . 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When you spend as much time butchering game as I do, even small frustrations can take the joy out of the work, and using this thing helps keep me focused on why I do what I do. Find a Dealer contact. Blades Canada - Vancouver, BC : Benchmade Knives - Quartermaster Medford Knives All Axes & Tomahawks All Folding Knives All Fixed Blades All Throwers All Trainers & DVD's Misc. It can be used to nicely cut meat, or to chop up anything in the kitchen and can also be used for your everyday cooking prep. “This is a great knife for any person who spends time in the outdoors. I have several fixed-blade hunting knives that I love and use every fall, but their use is pretty limited to field use only. The Meatcrafter has the perfect blade-to-handle ratio at an overall length of 11.05 inches. The Bailout (and it’s Bugout twin sibling) are perfect examples of this. Yet another Benchmade is on the way, it seems. Together, Benchmade and Rinella teamed up to create “the best boning, processing and cooking knife available on the market.” The Meatcrafter Developed over the period of 18 months, the Benchmade Meatcrafter is a fixed “hybrid hunting blade” specifically designed for handling wild game. Length of Blade: 6.077″ It will stand up to the weather, the dirty hands, and can be easily cleaned after your trips. And exquisite tools, while not required, certainly don’t hurt. My first impression taking this knife out of the sheath, I noted how comfortable it was to handle while being lightweight at only 4.5 ounces. The knife fits in securely. On paper, it’s easy to gloss over the appeal of Benchmade products. Together, they bring you the best boning, processing, and cooking knife available on the market. 13 comments. Its hard for some to get their head around the 940 from Benchmade. Benchmade is keeping up its string of surprise releases with the debut of the 15500-1 Meatcrafter fixed blade. Benchmade Knife Company has been building excellent hunting knives for years. The Meatcrafter also debuts Benchmade’s new SelectEdge tech. Meatcrafter is a wonderful addition to the Benchmade Hunt Class and one that makes the transition from the field to the kitchen with ease. One note that speaks to the intended use of this knife: The sheath has no belt loop. Would You Spend $80 on Off-Road Windshield Wipers? Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. It also uses X55CrMo14. Benchmade and Steven worked on this knife for about 18 months, wanting to make sure they were able to create a great knife that worked well in the field and looked nice enough to have in the kitchen. But if you enjoy a finely crafted tool and have the budget to buy one, I expect the Meatcrafter will do its job flawlessly for years to come. Meatcrafter is made in USA. Benchmade has long been a favorite among tactical aficionados even before Ice Cube used it in a rap lyric. Also has 5x the working hardness. So far, I’ve been keeping mine in the DECKED system of my pickup truck half the time and in my kitchen knife drawer the other half. It’s pretty hard to miss with that bright orange coating and the marketing push from one of the most reputable companies in the business (and of course, the Born and Raised Outdoors crew uses them in every video). It was impressively sharp. But make no mistake this a serious piece of everyday carry with a Benchmade blade of premium CPM-S30V stainless steel and a handle fashioned from 6061-T6 aluminum. From the moment a hunter pulls the trigger, the priority is to get the animal carcass out of the woods, cooled quickly, and transformed into food. Based in GearJunkie's Denver office, McCoy is an avid trail runner, camper, hunter, angler, mountain biker, skier, and beer tester. Avid hunters who fill freezers in the fall will likely enjoy a high-end knife like this season after season. Toggle Nav. It’s true that I’m in love with the 940-1 and congratulate Benchmade on an outstanding feat. The Meatcrafter utilizes a trailing point style blade with a length just over 6 inches and a new premium steel for Benchmade, CPM-S45VN, a steel providing the perfect balance between a fine grain and sharp edge with engineered blade flex. I thought this a little odd until I considered that the knife will more likely ride in a pack, truck, or sit in the kitchen. A good friend and I have access to some property that we have made into our bushcraft camp. Benchmade Meatcrafter Review. Thickness of Handle: 0.55″ Shop Benchmade Knife Company for a wide selection of high performance Everyday Carry (EDC), Hunt, Rescue, Tactical, Outdoor, and Survival knives. 58. So I did the next best thing: I pulled some venison from the freezer, thawed it, and went on slicing and dicing on the way to some carnitas. ... And when you pass a knife like the Meatcrafter onto your children, it becomes more than just a useful tool. Written By Dave Workman. It’s also a little fine for a hard-use knife, so don’t plan on batoning this one through wood! The sheath can also stand up to the multiple repetitive uses when cleaning your game. It's not a Victonox. The flex of the Meatcrafter is a great surprise to see from a Benchmade Hunt Class knife, which will now provide you with the versatility to do boning work and still be strong enough for tougher jobs without running the risk of snapping the blade. The handle is lovely to use. Out of the box, it glints like a mirror to a perfect 14-degree apex. I used this knife to cut up a large roast along with all the fixings with no problems at all and enjoyed the thinness of the edge, which made the cuts very clean, smooth, and easy. This makes it a perfect knife for anyone to use, without worrying about the weight of the knife making your hand and wrist tired in those exciting and tiring moments of gutting and cleaning your latest kill. It provides versatility for small, accurate cuts or long slices, both of which are a major part of meat processing. Looks nice. Got my meatcrafter in today. A subreddit dedicated to the discussion and appreciation of Benchmade Knives and … The Meatcrafter’s handle is both elegant and functional. March 3, 2020 2 Comments, Join the Conversation. 58. Articles Features Reviews 0 Comments 2. It's a Benchmade. MSRP: $300, Benchmade Knife Co. Finally, the Meatcrafter comes with a very nice Boltaron sheath. This knife isn’t for everyone. We’re getting into the knife tech weeds a bit, but essentially, Benchmade created a proprietary sharpening method that produces a smoother, sharper edge that still maintains its durability and is ideal for the type of cuts you might make when working with meat (as opposed to opening packages, chopping wood or other cutting tasks). The knife fits securely, but I found it to be easy and safe to get out. With a fresh edge from the factory (which you can have re-serviced by Benchmade for free for the life of the knife), the blade fell through meat like it wasn’t there. Das Messer wirkt nicht nur stabil, es ist stabil. My kids will have to fight over which one of them gets it after I’m dead. I like the knife and the design, however, be aware that this steel is … I’ll often use a more flexible blade for something really delicate. While many of Benchmade’s knives are built for an EDC-focused audience, the brand also boasts a large selecting of unique, hybridized models tailor-made for hunters. How many knives does one REALLY need? Everything from the shape of the blade to the angle of the edge was developed specifically for this knife and for the kind of work I needed it to do. Another design advantage of using the Meatcrafter in the kitchen is the ability to use the knife in a standard pinch grip. The Benchmade 162 knife has outperformed my expectations in every way. Blade Material: CPM-S45VN Login; Register; account; DEC 1ST IS THE LAST DAY TO ORDER AN INLINE KNIFE WITH LASERMARKING USING 3 DAY AIR SHIPPING FOR HOLIDAYS. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Benchmade - Saddle Mountain Skinner 15001-1 Knife, Drop-Point Blade, Plain Edge, Satin Finish, G10 Handle at Benchmade also deviated from tradition with it’s steel. Lately, these values have been at … The brand hasn’t disclosed exactly what this tech does, but without going down a deep knife-sharpening rabbit hole, Benchmade notes that this provides a sharper, more polished edge than anything it has created before. Eventually, that edge is going to wear down — but that’s where Benchmade’s SelectEdge tech comes into play. The outside of the sheath is leather, giving it a softer feel than a standard plastic or Kydex material. MeatEater’s Steven Rinella and the Benchmade Knife Company have collaboratively designed the Meatcrafter Knife over the last eighteen months. Got my meatcrafter in today. The Benchmade Altitude knife is relatively new but odds are you’ve already seen one around. The Meatcrafter also debuts Benchmade’s new SelectEdge tech. Benchmade - Meatcrafter - Steel: CPM-S45VN - $300 Bob Dozier K-23 Filet - Steel: D2 - $240 . Enter before February 7th for your chance to win. Design: 2. There is room to be able to have a good grip on it for those harder more intense jobs. With a name like “Meatcrafter,” it’s not hard to grok the 15500-1’s intended role: this is a knife modeled after the cimiter or scimitar kitchen knife. Cutting away silver skin took almost no pressure as I touched the blade to the meat, lifting the skin away from the muscle. — anywhere your wheels can roll. Toggle Nav. Benchmade worked with renowned hunter Steven Rinella on a knife for the express purpose of turning wild game into table fare. The best Benchmade Knives are available here as well as the best prices on hundreds of Benchmade Knives including modern high tech combat and pocket knives. The Benchmade 162 Bushcrafter knife offers unsurpassed reliability for planned adventures or unplanned survival situations. Benchmade Volli Review. March 3, 2020 2 Comments, Join the Conversation. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Closest Victonox Boning Knife is their Grand Maître Wood Boning Knife, which is $115, not $50. Meet the Maker: Bill Rapier of Amtac Blades, Cover Reveal: May/June 2020 and What’s Inside. But my initial impression is great. Finden Sie hilfreiche Kundenrezensionen und Rezensionsbewertungen für Benchmade 940-2 - Osborne, Reverse Tanto, Axis auf The new 15500-1 Meatcrafter TM is a hybrid hunting blade made with premium CPM-S45VN stainless steel and engineered for optimal blade flex. Obviously, you need other tools too, like a meat grinder and sausage packer. Benchmade designed the Meatcrafter to fill a unique food prep role in their lineup. I had a few questions about the knife and sent them to Rinella. This knife was provided for review by Benchmade and will be given away to a first responder. The 162 Bushcrafter is Benchmade’s first real Bushcrafting knife. "I've never gotten involved in the design in a knife until now and all along I knew that I wanted to be involved, and this is what I wanted to end up with." “All while maintaining great edge retention, the perfect kind of flex and durability you could live with for years, like your favorite hunting knife,” Steven says. … The Benchmade Knife Company has recently announced their latest offering in fixed blade knives the 15500-1 Meatcrafter.. Benchmade Knives states “When your adventures afield transition to the kitchen, the right cutting tool will make all the difference.. The Boltaron sheath provided with the Benchmade Meatcrafter is a vacuum formed sheath allowing the perfect fit and retention for the knife. Exclusives; Gear. While it would certainly work in the field, it’s not exactly meant for gutting or survival — it’s a meat-processing tool. Jun 9, 2020 #3 3. What’s it made of? Do it yourself once, and the knife pays for itself. From next-gen tech to ingenious innovation, our weekly peek at emerging products examines the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design. 307 Senior Member. Benchmade Knife Reviews: Mediator & Bailout. Jun 9, 2020 #8 22lr Senior Member. The blade is a simple drop point shape with very thin and slick blade stock of only 0.09 inch. You can easily find a great field knife, chef’s knife, or pocket knife, but in all my years of working with game meat, I’ve never found the perfect purpose-built blade for processing. I don’t imagine using it for panfish like bluegills and perch, but definitely for everything from walleye to salmon to tuna. It doesn't use X55CrMo14 steel. The rebalanced chemistry of CPM-S45VN (slightly more carbon and chromium than S35VN) produces an excellent combination of edge retention, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and toughness. A great partner for this knife, Steven is the star of the Netflix show MeatEater and the MeatEater podcast. We're well past cutting 550 cord. And yes, you can use a much cheaper knife to do the job, keeping a butcher’s steel at the ready. Not only is this a great knife for hunting and fishing, but also for backpacking and camping.”. I don’t often review Benchmade products due to the relatively high entry costs, but this has been on my list for many, many years. STEEL: Meatcrafter has 5x the wear resistance of the VNox. CPM-S45VN is a newer steel from Crucible designed to offer improved corrosion and wear resistance over CPM-S35VN. Whether you are planning to go hiking, camping, or a backpacking trip, the Benchmade Bugout 535 7.46-inch Folding Knife is a great knife for EDC purposes. Discover. But these things all pay for themselves over years of use and animals processed. So far, I’ve used it to process a little stew meat from a deer and a bone-in pork loin roast. Before I get into the review too much, I want to address a potential elephant in the room. The mini drop-point blade accompanied by ambidextrous thumb studs is made out of D2 steel, which is hardened enough to achieve 60-62 Rockwell for an amazing display of strength. 58 votes, 13 comments. So now, what will be the hangup for many people? And without a hunting season for months, this knife won’t get to properly craft a full carcass for some time.
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