Determiners They function as adjectives to modify nouns and go in front of a noun to show the reader whether the noun is specific or general, such as in … The exciting atmosphere largest fully functional equal eye quot muses scott. Sentences Containing 'functional' Geometric and Functional Analysis (journal) Organic molecules with more than one functional group can be a source of confusion. Morphemes that do not carry the content of a message, but rather help the grammar of the sentence function. The functional character and exploitation of Portulaca oleracea L. 4. While western shirts have always had a lot going for them in terms of functional clothing features, there has been a recent surge in the popularity of this style. near affinity; and while more nearly related to the Marsupialia (q.v. Examples of functional in a sentence: 1. How to use functional in a sentence. The first Diandreae, has two or rarely three fertile stamens and three functional stigmas. Weeding out the unnecessary items in the closet and steering clear of certain things while shopping will lead to a much more functional wardrobe in the end. Functional Strategy states what is to be done, how is to be done and when is to be done are the functional level, which ultimately acts as a guide to the functional staff. It is indicated in paralyses (chiefly functional), and is most valuable in the treatment of post-diphtheritic paralysis. Cheddar is very functional and responds well to cooking, you may however enjoy it more with a strong blue cheese. They also serve a very functional purpose, keeping your head warm in cold weather. By these, and other instruments of precision, such as the thermometer, of which we have already spok en, the eminently scientific discipline of the measurement of functional movements, so difficult in the complex science of biology, has been cultivated. If you have functional dyspepsia, the inside of your gut looks normal. It features an inside right chest pocket and seven fully functional metal buckles. A novel method for the prediction of functional biological activity of polyethylene wear debris. Whether a listener is present or not is sometimes irrelevant. Not only are they very functional and useful, but they are also adorable. Sister Sam specializes in dresses that are fashionable and functional. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Function" in Example Sentences Page 1. By 2004, the Supertram is expected to be fully, 4. Ideas for decorating functional kitchens, spa-like bathrooms, romantic bedrooms, and family-friendly living rooms are the types of stories regularly featured. A well-designed pool deck will look attractive and be functional as well. These conversation pieces are not very functional, but they add a lot of whimsy to a room. Their baby girls' clothing is adorable, and functional all at once. A simple paint job, rearranging or replacing some furniture and adding a few functional objects can transform that space into a legitimate, stylish home office. Zippers are often used to detail the jacket, and may not always be functional. functional in a sentence. Western shirts are not only functional, but also fashionable. Functional sentence perspective definition: the organization of a sentence in terms of the role of its elements in distinguishing... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Since, If F = An, 4) = By, 1 = I (Df A4) Of A?) The supply of reserve teeth is indefinite; frequently one or two are lying ready and of equal size to the functional fangs. The cause of most cases of functional dyspepsia is not known. Such a system is called a tissuesystem, the word tissue being employed for any collection of cells with common structural, developmental, or functional characters to which it may be conveniently applied. It was stylish yet functional. There are four functional toes in front and three behind; while the calcaneum, unlike that of the other three groups, articulates with the fibula. The tumor was completely excised by functional endoscopic sinus surgery on 12th August 1999. With the exception of the aberrant long-snouted phalanger, the members of the family Phalangeridae have the normal number of functional incisors, in addition to which there may be one or two rudimentary pairs in the lower jaw. Of course, not all gadgets are particularly functional, and are designed more to be a fun addition to your home (and to their revenue). 259+6 sentence examples: 1. Example sentences with the word functionalism. Will your window seat be a functional piece of furniture or just a decoration? The May-flies are remarkably primitive in certain of their characters, notably the elongate cerci, the paired, entirely mesodermal genital ducts, and the occurrence of an ecdysis after the acquisition of functional wings. Heart shaped compact mirror: This star-studded chrome compact mirror is girly enough for girls and teens, and with 2x magnification is functional enough for those with a penchant for fun, feminine compact mirrors. Otherwise, take a good look at the space to determine which is most functional. Decorative throws are the functional chameleon of interior design. Functional foods will prosper because they are convenient and taste good. This will help create a program that is both functional and aesthetically appealing. In general, choosing the right one is simple, at least from a functional standpoint. ceramic tableware - Lisa Marklew Salt & Pepper pots - Shona Carnegie Many items will provoke the question, Is it functional or ornamental? You may have a ton of jeans, but only one functional skirt. Kitchen - If you will be spending a lot of time in your game room, a functional kitchen zone may be a wise investment. Focused on esthetics, Arc is a functional room for the garden which will appeal to design conscious consumers. Even though the function words don't have concrete meanings, sentences would make a lot less sense without them. Such damage could be produced by a previous viral infection, leaving functional defects unaccompanied by any gross histological changes. While choosing one large gift, whether it's a fun toy or an item like a diaper genie or a car seat, making a gift basket is an excellent way to combine small fun gifts with small functional items that the parents will need. While not all jackets are in the spotlight this much, a warm and functional jacket can also be one of the beautiful and/or cute items in your daughter's closet. Traditional models generally assume very simple functional forms for f i, in order to have analytically tractable expressions for g t. For functional studies we reconstitute purified enzyme into liposomes, to analyze coupling between electron transfer and proton translocation. She needed a functional bird. If you're intimidated by this aspect of a formal setting, just remember that the set-up is supposed to be functional and make it easier for you to serve your meal and spend time with your guests. x n / I l yl, y2,���yn Theorem.-If the functions y 1, y2,��� y n be not independent of one another the functional determinant vanishes, and conversely if the determinant vanishes, yl, Y2, ...y. If you have room for a dining room table, adding this single piece of furniture can offer lots of decorating and functional opportunities too. If your budget is on the smaller side, there’s no reason you can’t get your teen a great functional graduation gift. Make sure it compliments the style of the rest of the home and make sure it's functional. mousean>Knockout mice of PAK5 show no apparent phenotype potentially due to functional redundancy with other PAKs. While a jacket may seem simply like a functional piece of clothing, it really is the case that beautiful spring jackets for little girls are on the market. Since the key is to thank your parents, a gift basket can be a fun and functional way to express your gratitude! dependencysupports a few language extensions, such as the FFI, multi-parameter type class, functional dependencies, and so on. More of the control group experienced functional blindness due to loss of aphakic spectacles at 1 year. Call attention to your chest instead by choosing a jacket with some kind of detail - either lapels if it's a suit jacket or buttons or functional drawstring at the collar. Functional; 1. However, like so many prestigious but essentially workaday buildings, only rather functional and not very prepossessing brick backs the impressive façade. 2. The Center has a major program of structural and functional studies on several classes of membrane proteins, including membrane transporters and ion channels. Let the artists mentioned here inspire you and you can create a stunning, functional home. It was a functional photograph. The placement of your furniture will be key in designing a workspace that is functional, which should be your main priority. Text paper is a favorite choice of many scrapbookers because it's fun and functional. This style sought to evoke a feeling of pride in the achievements of modern industry, and the highly functional nature of art deco reflects a desire in people to move beyond the frivolous, over-ornate trappings of previous movements. If we look closely, we see that benevolence plays much the same functional role in the Inquiry that sympathy plays in the Treatise. See more. For me everything is functional, but you have style. Measured functional management, 12. How to use functionalism in a sentence. ‘Yogi Bear may find a Picnic basket next week’ Propositions, though they can be conveyed in one, are not sentences. This functional illiteracy means that even the nuances of stories from basic tabloid newspapers are beyond the reach of many deaf adults. In large doses stramonium is a narcotic poison producing the wellmarked stages of exaltation of function, diminution of functional activity, and later loss of function, sinking into coma and paralysis. Although it might sound odd, these highly functional dimensions are intended to project a subtle feeling of power through the design. If not suppose we have two systems which are functional isomorphic at level n but are not functionally isomorphic at level n-1. Find more ways to say functional, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. The telephone was out of order, but is. The work with business owners, retailers, landlords, real estate agents and health care providers to create functional spaces perfect for today's business world. Of course, headboards can also be functional. The company produces matching raincoats and umbrellas that are functional and adorable for toddlers to tweens. We Can Find An Expression For The First Transvectant Of (F, �) 1 Over Another Form Cp. You'll want it to be a usable, functional addition. The spore or embryo-sac. The first step consists in the functional treatment of equations. When you choose to work with EXC Orange County, you'll be able to get everything you need to set up a fully functional e-commerce business from a single source. By definition, functional foods are those that yield health properties beyond the nutrients it naturally contains. Of course, fishing shirts are also functional garments designed to make fishing easier. The reason for this extreme degeneration is probably to be found in the sandy nature of the soil in which the creature burrows, a substance which would evidently irritate and inflame any functional remnant of an eye. Wheater's functional histology - A Text & Color Atlas 4th edition Churchill Livingstone 1999. holomorphic functional calculi, Journal of the London Math. It's easy to see that a comforter is a more serviceable piece of bedding than a bedspread and serves a decorative purpose as well as functional one. If it should be objected that the wings so developed would be rudimentary, and that there would be nothing to encourage their development into perfect functional organs, we may remind the reader that we have already pointed out that imperfect wings of Exopterygota do, even at the present time under certain conditions, become perfect organs; and we may also add that there are, even among existing Endopterygota, species in which the wings are usually vestiges and yet sometimes become perfectly developed. I like the idea of creating a backyard oasis [and] I enjoy functional and fun pieces. 2. Practical Tuscan kitchen accessories like potted herbs, olive oil bottles, and ceramic canisters are functional as well as beautiful. To contrast, functional languages gain polymorphism through the use of first-class functions. These space saving ideas for small bathrooms can help make your bathroom more comfortable and more functional. Your kitchen furniture is the foundation of the room, and so getting it right is very important to creating a welcoming and functional room. When acting on the findings in the report one approach is to subdivide Units on the basis of functional or managerial responsibility. in the mammary gland during lactation or in sebaceous glands, caused by increased functional activity. Except in some of the Stegocephalia, there are only four functional digits in the manus, but the Ecaudata have a more or less distinct rudiment of pollex; in the Caudata it seems to be the outer digit which has been suppresssed, as atavistic reappearance of a fifth digit takes place on the outer side of the manus, as it does on the pes in those forms in which the toes are reduced to four. New products and channel relationships will shorten the time-to-deployment of increasingly common speech apps in defined industries and functional areas. Simultaneous equations in two unknowns x and y may be treated in the same way, except that each equation gives a functional relation between x and y. For example, pianos are a functional part of countless beautiful living spaces. An item that warrants a functional specification should also be considered for selection. The four basic sentence functions in the world's languages include the declarative, interrogative, exclamative, and the imperative. This leading American manufacturer has developed a line of attractive, functional space-savers and tank-toppers. These symptoms must be present for at least one month and interfere in your life enough to cause you some functional impairment and distress. Bruno RL, Johnson JC, Berman WS: Vasomotor abnormalities as Post-Polio Sequelae: Functional and clinical implications. Ontological and functional Christology are of the same order and united in the same figure, the Son. : He undertook a large-scale work on generalised differential equations in functional derivatives. These online programs are functional and user-friendly. Boxes: If you're looking for a storage system that is both functional and attractive, pick up a number of decorative boxes and label each box with the appropriate category. The furniture is not fancy, just functional. There's a high rate of functional illiteracy here. weaponry on display here is of a functional as well as decorative nature. Whether you want to create a chalkboard for functional reasons or simply for fashion, you will find that chalkboard paint is widely available and easy to find. 259+6 sentence examples: 1. PetCo offers a wide variety of attractive and functional dog beds available in more than 800 retail stores and through the company website. Depending on the decorative and functional needs of your room, hard and soft window treatments can be used alone or in combination with each other. I am a student. Brief Introduction I started my DPhil on the functional biogeography of the Amazon forest canopy in October 2005. drawer runners and slim silver handles, this range is functional and eye catching. A complete and functional female flower consists of a single ovule with two integuments, the inner of which is prolonged into a narrow tubular micropyle, like that in the flower of Gnetum. There are many designs that will also add beauty to your room as a functional decoration. For (M N)(F,4)), =Nf.4Y Mfy.4), And F,4, F 5.4)= (Axby A Y B X) A X B X 1= (Xy)(F,4))1; (F,Ct)1=F5.D' 7,(Xy)(F4)1. ; Its function is to convert the facts of the universe to the best advantage of the Ego. lap timer make the Cali a functional sport accessory. Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: Given the absence of available tools for visualization of tumor gene expression patterns on a broad scale, we devised a classification system called " Functional Taxonomy" that categorizes genes according to various functional attributes of the proteins they encode. can now be tucked into the ribbon, creating a decorative wall hanging that is functional as well. Technology has advanced the design of the functional curtain to new heights resulting in a ton of options. They should be functional and help set the mood for your beach soiree. For quick notes and phone messages, a silver notepad holder is another functional and beautiful gift.For a favor your guests can use on the go, silver key chains or luggage tags might be your choice. Furthermore, jejunal interposition can influence the motility of the entire intestinal tract resulting in a better functional outcome. Likewise cross-functional teams are encouraged to utilize such data to analyse problems objectively as distinct from merely seeking scapegoats. Rapid tooling techniques can be used to turn a non-functioning model of a part into a functional prototype. 2. Only the students with the most severe functional difficulties, the fourth quartile, shows less dropout then the rest. These strollers still focus on the same lightweight yet functional design of the original buggy. The alimentary canal, which may be represented by a vestigial structure, is accordingly not functional, and the larva does not become pelagic. 2) Above these, to use again Usener's nomenclature,4 are the " special " or functional " gods, " departmental gods," as Mr Lang has called them. Evidence for functional improvement, however, was largely anecdotal. A similar restriction of the functional spiracles to the tail-end (fig. It was a functional arrangement. As many as six pairs of appendages following the mouth may have an enlarged gnathobase actually functional as a jaw or hemignath, but a ramus is well developed on each of these appendages either as a simple walking leg, a palp or a chela. If you are wearing heels, be sure to practice walking in them and choose something that is both cute and functional. We have f How to use functional in a sentence. Classic, beautiful and functional, smocked infant dresses remain a first choice for parents and gift-givers. So, I stayed just long enough to check that I and my rebreather seemed fully functional. In Cypripedium all three stigmas are functional, but in the great majority of orchids only the lateral pair form receptive surfaces (st, fig. Beautiful and functional, candle stands are often silver and gold.
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