13% . Get full nutrition facts and other common serving sizes of Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwich on Bun including 1 oz and 100 g. Put your turkey, ham, or roast beef along with lettuce, tomato and onions on a whole grain pita (74 calories) instead of between two slices of rye (180 calories). calories Either … Full nutritional breakdown of the calories in Ham and Salami sandwich based on the calories and nutrition in each ingredient, including Bread, whole wheat (including toast) prepared from recipe, Ham, regular (11% fat), Hard Salami, Yellow Mustard, Subway Pickles (3 … Calories From Fat . To keep calories under control, use mustard instead of mayonnaise. Opt for cheddar and you'll take in 114 calories. // Leaf Group Lifestyle. 100 % 10g Protein. Lettuce = 10 calories. A personal trainer, run coach, group fitness instructor and master yoga teacher, she also holds certifications in holistic and fitness nutrition. 41 % 36g Carbs. In addition to the cheese, it may also include lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and/or condiments such as mustard or mayonnaise. Rate this Ham, Cheese and Mayo Sandwich recipe with 4 slices white bread, 4 slices cheese, thickly cut, 2 slices ham, 2 tbsp mayonnaise A ham sandwich made with two slices of whole wheat bread, two slices of ham and one leaf of iceberg lettuce contains 220 calories. There are 136 calories in a 1/2 Ham Sandwich with Spread. Grilled Ham And Cheese Sandwich (2 Slice Of Ham 1.5 Cheese, 2 Bread) (1 serving) Calories: 240 , Fat: 8g , Carbs: 30g , Protein: 14g Show full nutrition information Ham & Cheese Sub (6"), with mayo Planet Sub 1 sub 696.0 calories 66.0 grams carbs 37.0 grams fat 28.0 grams protein 4.0 grams fiber 81.0 mg cholesterol 10.0 grams saturated fat 1476.0 mg sodium 11.0 grams sugar 0 grams trans fat 340 . Get full nutrition facts and other common serving sizes of Ham Sandwich with Spread including 1 oz and 100 g. 16 % 14g Protein. Can You Substitute Mascarpone With Anything Else? Pepper = 15 calories. Substitute mustard for mayo and save 100 calories. Place a slice of ham on top of the cheese. Trans Fat 0g. https://www.myfoodandfamily.com/recipe/111628/cheesy-ham-egg-sandwich It has 17 grams of protein, 25 grams of total carbohydrates and 6 grams of total fat, 2 grams of which are saturated fat -- 8 percent of the maximum daily value for a healthy adult on a 2,000-calorie diet. To keep calories under control, use mustard instead of mayonnaise. Find calories, carbs, and nutritional contents for sandwich with-ham-and-cheese and over 2,000,000 other foods at MyFitnessPal.com. 100 % 33g Carbs. Cheese = 70 calories. Percentages are based on a diet of 2000 calories a … Mayo = 60 calories. Spread one side of each slice of bread with mayonnaise. Andrea Boldt has been in the fitness industry for more than 20 years. ham turkey-sandwich-w-cheese-and-mayo nutrition facts and nutritional information. Whole wheat bread, Provolone cheese and 2 more.. White bread, Bacon, American cheese and 2 more.. https://www.hellmanns.com/us/en/recipes/ham-and-cheese-sandwich.html 350 Cal. Comprehensive nutrition resource for Sandwich, Ham & Mayonnaise. Calories, fat, protein, and carbohydrate values for for Ham Sandwich and other related foods. How does this food fit into your daily goals? Ground ham (use food processor or grinder) and 4 more.. Ham, roughly diced, Mayonnaise, Mustard, Horseradish and 2 more.. Cooked ham, ground, Mayonnaise, Celery, minced and 6 more.. Cooked ham, ground or minced, Mayonnaise, Prepared mustard and 2 more.. Ham, Mayonnaise, Yellow mustard, Onions, coarsely chopped and 4 more.. Place a slice of ham on top of the cheese. Two triangles of cheese will add between 40 and 60 calories and 35 to 45 fat calories. cheese sandwich A cheese sandwich is a basic sandwich made generally with one or more slices of any kind of cheese on any sort of bread. According to Subway's website, a plain 6-inch ham sub on wheat bread without cheese contains 290 calories, including 40 calories from fat. Whole wheat ciabatta (20 cm long) or 1 piece whole wheat ... and 9 more.. Serving Size : 1 Sandwich. Saturated Fat 4.5g. Spread the mayo on one slice of bread. ... well the cheese has 69 calories and the ham about61 aand the bread 1 calorie so alkl together 131! Find out how many calories should you eat. fresh spinach, mayo, sharp cheddar cheese, red onions, bacon and 4 more Spanish Ham Sandwich with Caramelized Onions and Parmesan Cheese Recetas del Señor Señor tomato, sugar, bread, salt, greens, virginia ham, butter, onion and 1 more Nutrition: 395 calories, 23 g fat (3.5 g saturated), 700 mg sodium, 8 g sugar, 33 g protein, 10 g fiber Makes 4 servings Ingredients. 22% . Place a piece of cheese on the bread. sandwich with-ham-and-cheese nutrition facts and nutritional information. A ham and cheese sandwich with two slices of bread contains approximately 350 calories. Calories In Ham & Cheese Sandwich on Italian Bread Calories: 383 , Fat: 25g , Carbs: 10g , Protein: 29g , Fiber: 0g Calories In Panini Ham & Cheese Sandwich with Pears Use extra lean ham with 5 percent fat and consume just 74 calories. =) Salt = 15 calories. Thick, hearty bread, cheese and condiments can all up the calorie content and, sometimes, the health value. Ham = 60 calories. 280 / 2,000 cal left. Log Food. =) Check out our hot, open-face ham and cheese sandwich recipe below. 0 % Daily Value* Total Fat 17g. Ham sandwich calories depend on the way you make it. Then add the ham and season with pepper to taste. Denser breads weighing more per slice add more calories.
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