��W q��0 ���A ���[��a���n�ԍ��� To realize the national digital library Objectives 2015-2018 for the national digital library. In a rapidly changing world – and library … endobj ... Strategic Plan. The plan provides a road map for the library to address strategic … Through our strategic planning process, we hope to respond to the evolving ways people access and process information in the 21st Century, while preserving so many of the vital resources and timeless services However, what remains constant … 4. Our Library is a community gathering place, an educational partner, and an opportunity center for all. Logic Model. improvement without committing to strategic planning on a regular basis. Internal have the libraries ... growing library capacity for publishing. CONTEXT York Un develop strategi Plan, an Universi Plan, 20 research Enhance Addition initiative groups. We expect that the 2019-2022 Strategic Plan will guide library staff in their work and inspire others to engage with us in creating a better community. UCR Library Strategic Plan . 2 0 obj Woodbury Public Library Strategic Plan 2012 - 2015 The Vision of the Woodbury Public Library is to be the central destination for knowledge and information. This can help analyze how the library resources are used based on the particular milestones that are expected to be achieved for a particular time period. This can help you become more precise with how you will look into the library’s needs and demands. You need to follow guidelines, regulations, and policies not only of the library but also of the industry so that the time and effort that you have put in the development of the library strategic plan will not be put to waste. Brantford Public Library provides free access to information, ideas and opportunities for discovery, and spaces in which to use and share them. Knowing how others think about the subject matter can give you more idea about the overall condition of the library, which in turn will allow you to come up with a more reasonable and realistic action plan. endobj 2 This 2018 Strategic Plan grows out of a high-level Strategic Directions document published and circulated widely in spring 2016, in response to the 2015 Syracuse University Academic Strategic Plan. There should be a full understanding between these entities on how policies and regulations can be enforced with the help of a library strategic plan. H U N T E R D O N C O U N T Y L I B R A R Y V I S I O N S T A T E M E N T. The Hunterdon County Library System is committed to be Mission. The new strategic plan aims to provide: • Clear direction for staff and the community on the library’s strategic priorities; • The strategies and actions required to achieve the stated goals; • The basis for resource planning and funding applications; and Nurture a love of reading, build community, and create opportunities for life-long learning. 2018-2021. <> Have a sense of the mission and vision of the library. It will build upon the . The University of Washington Libraries will accelerate inquiry, creativity, and learning for global impact and the public good. The Library 2020 Strategic Plan was created in 2014. Have a list of the factors that you need to consider. A new vision and mission along with updated values will center the State Through this document, stakeholders can be aware on whether they are leading the library operations to their desired direction. DC Public Library wants to better understand how we can meet the changing needs of D.C. residents. <>>> library strategic plan and as part of a Council-wide service review. Hence, you can also experience different kinds of advantages and benefits depending on the kind of library strategic plan that you will make and the overall efficiency of your plan’s full implementation. Get the insights of the community and the other stakeholders of the library. strategic plan will serve to develop, focus and consolidate planning over the next two to five years and identify the areas where the Library and RAS must achieve change in order to fulfil its mission. You have to set all the details that will define the complexity of the action plans, strategies, and tactics that you came up with. B.C.’s Strategic Plan for Public Library Service | 3 MESSAGE FROM THE MINISTER Public libraries are an important part our government’s plan to make life better and more affordable for British Columbians of all ages. The University of Washington Libraries will accelerate inquiry, creativity, and learning for global impact and the public good. THE UNIVERSITY CONTEXT . This can also help improve the flow of decision-making processes within the entirety of the library operations. MISSION. This framework identifies the library’s strategic direction, its vision and values, and the core elements and commitments that will ensure our success. A library strategic plan is somewhat similar with a museum strategic plan in a way that both documents are created to ensure there will be improvement or development within the operations of the location where they will be used. Listed below are some guidelines that can help you ensure that you will create an effective and impressive library strategic plan. You may also like restaurant strategic plan examples. OutlineofStrategicDirectionsand*Goals* * •!StrategicDirection1:Serve*as*the*campus*hub*for*scholarly*communication*and*knowledge*creation. 9 0 obj Ensuring that the strategic plan for the library is free from errors can give you higher chances of impressing your stakeholders and presenting the exact message that you would like them to be aware of. It is critical that we regularly examine ourselves and adapt to our local community’s current aspirations and challenges, changing societal values and human experiences, advances in technology, and developments within the broader library field. 3. The Library leadership team is almost entirely new, though also includes some longer-serving members elevated to new leadership roles. You have to make sure that your library strategic plan can address existing issues and concerns related to the library and its operations. Our new 2016 – 2020 Strategic Plan will guide us along the way and set the direction for the future. You may also see recruitment strategic plan examples. Knowing how to allocate your resources can also help you create a library strategic plan that is financially sustainable. In so doing, we actively contribute to the development of knowledge and advancement of the global human community. The plan comes at a moment of significant organizational change. great library it deserves. If this document can be efficiently used for actual implementation, the library board and management can easily identify the opportunities that they can get and the risks or threats that they need to prepare for and veer away from. 6. Chicago Public Library 2020-2024 Strategy lays out a vision for the future that's more important now than ever. The entire document needs to be understandable so that it can be used by all the entities whose roles are vital in the execution of strategies and call-to-actions. <> Creating a department strategic plan, a library strategic plan or any other kinds of strategic plan documents need a thorough discussion of what you would like to achieve and the ways in which your strategies and plans can be of help. The shorter planning cycle is due to the speed at which the environment is changing and will allow the Library to remain nimble and adjust strategies as new With the help of the examples and discussions in this post, why don’t you start drafting your own library strategic plan now? Through our strategic planning process, we hope to respond to the evolving ways people access and process information in the 21st Century, while preserving so many of the vital resources and timeless services As well as supporting academic study, we have an important role as protectors of cultural knowledge and taonga. 3. Strategic Plan . UBC Library’s Strategic Framework will guide the future work and strategic direction for the library, in alignment with the UBC Strategic Plan.. The vision of the library must be observed in a certain time period that you need to determine so that proper identification of growth can be observed. Printable PDF of 2020 Logic Model chart. Lively, welcoming physical and online library spaces that are community hubs where people can engage in cultural, creative and leisure experiences. The board, after all, represents the community the library serves so who better to play a significant role in imagining the future for the library? A library strategic plan is created by the board or by the management that is in charge of the library operations to ensure that the business and/or operational processes of the library are aligned with the vision of the organization. Do you have an idea of all the time frames in which particular strategies must already be incorporated in the library operations? 4 STRATEGIC PLAN 2020-2021 Library attention and resources will be prioritized on: INCLUSION Calgary Public Library commits to lowering barriers to participation, especially for newcomers and those living in social or digital isolation.
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