From 100 disease-free eggs, there would be a yield of 45 kgs with chawki rearing and a yield of 50 kg with late age worm rearing. mori day of the months to about 2700 BC. Learn more. For sericulture Project At Jakatkhana S K CHAUHAN DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS ... Chapter 6 SUMMARY AND CONCLUSION 40-45 6.1 Introduction 40 6.2 Objectives 41 6.3 The approach 42 6.4 Major findings 42 6.5 Policy implications 44 Appendices 46-52 . It is a scientific tool that can aid plant breeding programs and the conservation of genetic resources, as well as improve the diagnosis and treatment of plant and animal diseases. PROJECT METHODOLOGY This project has its own methodology. Therefore, the community will involve in selection of the beneficiaries, monitoring the progress of beneficiaries and evaluating the impact of the project. The amount of space which is required for 100 eggs, which are disease free is 180 square feet. KUCTE Anchal Starting a silkworm farm is a very important part of the sericulture. By following the above environmental conditions, the hatching would take place in a uniform way with two weeks from the day the eggs were first laid. Late Age Worm Rearing: If the rearing of the silkworm is done from the third instar stage to the fifth instar stage, then that kind of rearing is called a late age worm rearing. You can change your ad preferences anytime. This stage starts after the third instar. Thereafter, a separate Department of Studies in Sericulture Science was established in 1991. To complete this process, it takes a month. The biggest impetus in recent years to the development of Indian sericulture was provided by the commencement of the five year 555 crore National Sericulture Project (NSP) initiated by the Central Silk Board for the development of mulberry-sericulture in the country. This has been confirmed in this project and through experience. or silk agriculture. The Chinese people knew the methods of cultivating silk and preparing cloth from it for more than 2000 years. Sericulture. The equipment should be cleaned in such a way that it gets rid of all the disinfectants. Mr. Reddy was born in farmer's family and was into 'IT' profession where he was not happy with his activities. 43 4.3.2 Age ranges of the participants in the sample Participants were asked to tick the age category appropriate to them (see table 4.1 below). Decided to come back to farming, agriculture sector as a Farmer and Writer. SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS. Table 1.4 Sericulture statistics of Himachal Pradesh (2011-12) 6 Table 1.5 Components of project on sericulture (2007-12) 7 Table 2.1 Year wise beneficiaries receiving assistance for mulberry plantation (No.) The cocoon which you opt should have the below features: After selecting the cocoon, you need to steam it so that the insect which is present inside it will die without causing any sort of damage to the cocoon. In 1989 two years Master degree in Sericulture was commenced under the said project undertaken by Department of Zoology. Owner: [Sender.Name] ABN: [ABN.Number] Contact Name: [Contact.Name] Phone: [Contact.Phone] Email: [Contact.Email] Address: [Contact.Address] Property Name: [Property.Name] Property Size: [Property.Acres] Property Address: [Property.Address] Property Details: [Property.Details] LIST OF TABLES Table No. Sericulture combines agriculture and also the industry. 1.4 Sericulture in Uttarakhand 08 1.5 Udham Singh Nagar 08-09 1.6 Sericulture in Udham Singh Nagar 10 1.7 Objectives of the Study 10 Mulberry Sericulture 10 1.8 Mulberry Silk Cocoon Production Programme 10 1.8.1 Scope of the Study 10-11 (a) Programme profile 11 (b) Project Objective 11 (c) Project Components 11 It involves rearing of silkworms for the production of raw silk, which is the yarn obtained out of cocoons spun by certain species of insects. According to Confucian texts, the discovery of silk production byB. novelty, if any, (d) the major results obtained, (e) and the major conclusion. If we subtract the annual expenditures around Rs. At the time of moulting, the larvae should not be exposed to sunlight or humidity. The income generated with these values would be approximately Rs. research centers, silk boards, academic fields, sericulture units, agriculture sector banks etc. It is your choice to choose until which stage you want to rear your silkworm. Although there are several commercial species of silkworms. The space required for the rearing in the fourth and the fifth instars will be 400 square feet. 1 It should have proper mounting and it should be pierced. The space required for the rearing in the fourth instar and the fifth instar is around 500 square feet. The temperature of the water, which is used for soaking should be between 93 to 95 degrees Celsius. Sericulture, the production of raw silk by means of raising caterpillars (larvae), particularly those of the domesticated silkworm (Bombyx mori). This estimation is for the cultivation of both mulberry and rearing of silkworm in an acre of land which is irrigated. Bombix mori is the most important silkworm. Involvement of the community The community is the nearest partner to the project than anyone else. Hence, most of the income which is generated from the sericulture will be going back to the villages. agricultural engineering activities have expanded considerably. Natural Science 70,000/-, the marginal Sericulture Income is 2 lakhs approximately. Project Discussion. In the Karnataka state rural and semi- urban areas most of the people adopt sericulture. So, the process of Sericulture is considered a tool for the economic reconstruction of rural areas. As the cost of DFL’s is taken as Rs.140 per Kg cocoon. The shed also contains one door which is 6’ to 4’ and 13 numbers of windows with 6’ to 3’. Bombyx mori is the most widely used and intensively studied. Conclusion. There are many species of silkworms, which are used for commercial purpose, but the caterpillar of the silkworm, which is domesticated (also called as Bombyx Mori) is the silkworm which is widely in use. The temperature here should be maintained at 25 degrees Celsius and the relative humidity should be between 69% to 75%. Mulberry plants are typically used as cultivating plant. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. massive and healthy cocoons square measure selected and that they square measure unbroken in well vented cages. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. 3 Per/mt), Spraying for 10 mulberry crops(Rs. Sericulture is the only industry which gives a large number of job opportunities. The investment to start sericulture would be up to 14,000 excluding the land and rearing places cost. Read: Silkworm Sericulture Subsidy, Loan. The leaves which are harvested should have less moisture content and the carbohydrate content of the fibers should also be less. Moulting is nothing but the shedding of the skin, which is old and the formation of the new skin. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. For growing and to start the rearing of the silkworm, mulberry takes half a year and once the plantation is done, mulberry would be able to support at least five to six crops in a year, that too in tropical climatic conditions. Project Report on Sericulture Project Report on Sericulture includes Present Market Position and Expected Future Demand, Technology, Manufacturing Process, Investment Opportunity, Plant Economics and Project Financials. More than two broods per annum: Multivoltine. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The amount of space required for 100 disease-free eggs is around 220 square feet. 1. For the moulting of worms, the optimum density should be 50 worms per square feet. from 2,000 DFL’s. Let us discuss Sericulture Project Report, Cost, Profit, Economics or silkworm project report. Young ones emerge once few days and male and females square measure simply distinguished. 28,000/- per year. When the silkworm gets through the second instar, it goes through the stage of moulting. Depending on the age of the silkworm, the silkworm rearings are classified into two types. The egg will be brushed to the rearing bed as soon as the larva comes out it. (1 sq.ft. The third section “Women in Sericulture” will present an overview of sericulture and the role of women in it, concept of work, division of labor, women in relation to DWCRA, and sociological analysis of pollution and purity. sericulture plant, which includes less human intervention towards maintaining proper environmental requirements for the growth of silk worms, reducing the chances of reduction in silk production. The area required for cultivation of mulberry – 2 acres, The size of the silkworm rearing shed – 60’ x 20’  (Feet), The size of the silkworm rearing shed is 1200 square feet and the cost of construction is Rs. Here is your notes on sericulture! We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. The insect should be killed when it is inside the cocoon because if it comes out, there would be a discontinuity in the silk fiber and you will not be able to reel the fiber which is lengthy. ... 3-4 Conclusion. Care of silk worms start from the stage of procurement of silk worm eggs from the grainage itself. With this project one year ‘Post – Masters Diploma in Sericulture’ course was offered during 1982 – 89. During this stage, the temperature conditions should be between 23 – 25 degrees Celsius and the relative humidity should be between 64% to 70%. Before this stage gets started, the rearing room should be made clean along with the equipment. ABHILASH P M Buy or Sell: Agriculture or Farming or Gardening Products: Here. ANUJA V S. We were able to demonstrate that it is possible to arrive at an institutional podcasting process, which is cost effective. There are various sections involved in sericulture which includes management of mulberry garden, harvesting of leaves, rearing the silkworms, weaving which can be done by women. More than 60 percent of people engaged in own activities in sericulture. The following points highlight the top eight advantages of sericulture. sericulture meaning: 1. the activity or business of producing silk (= a delicate, soft type of cloth made from a thread…. Our bed was laid out with the long side (8′) being the north and south sides, but it would have been better if it east/west to ensure maximum southern sun exposure. The temperature should be between 24 – 27 degrees Celsius with relative humidity between 84% to 85%. The Cost of Cocoon is around Rs.120 to Rs.150 per Kg. 10 Table 2.2 Division wise allocation of sample beneficiaries 12 One should make sure that the rearing bed is always clean. Sericulture is a method in which the silk is reared from the silkworm cocoon. = Rs.8/-), 100 meters of Bed cleaning nets (Rs. Sericulture is a method in which the silk is reared from the silkworm cocoon. Interest in organic agriculture methods is growing, especially in areas where the present farming system has degraded resources essential to … Then the entangling filament should be taken off and the silk can be reeled. Coming to the selection of cocoon, to reel the silk, this step is very much important. The productivity and profitability of sericulture depends on the yield of mulberry crop. Conclusion. The scenarios for irrigated land are based on the trend predicted for 1990-2010, with a … Although there are several commercial species of silkworms, Bombyx mori is the most widely used and intensively studied. Since the introduction of sericulture in Kenya over forty years ago, the industry is still in extremely infant stages despite the supposedly multi-fold potential. Sericulture Project Report. Sericulture: History,silk route & types of silk, No public clipboards found for this slide. Then the leaves should be cut to a size of 1 cm each and should be spread on the bed. Sericulture is the production of raw silk by raising silk worms. Looking forward to your response, thanks in advance! REG: NO:13975001. The advantages are: 1.High Employment Potential 2.Provides Vibrancy to Rural Economy 3.Low Gestation, High Returns 4.Women-friendly Occupation 5.Ideal Programme for the Weaker Section of the Society 6.Eco-Friendly Properties 7.Scope for Professional Training 8.Facilities for Seri-Culturists. Sericulture in Mulberry Type: Mulberry silk worms square measure of domesticated sort as a result of they'll be reared inside. Hello Sriniwas the find of silk production byB. National Sericulture Project. In this late age stage, it should have the environmental conditions which are controlled and you can have a look of those below. After this, by using hot water, soak the cocoon. 14 CONCLUSION Sericulture biologically means that the cultivation of silkworm Mulberry plants are typically used as cultivating plant ... National Sericulture Project The biggest impetus in recent years to the development of Indian sericulture was provided by the Let us discuss Sericulture Project Report, Cost, Profit, Economics or silkworm project report. One such service example is the devolved model of podcasting operating at Oxford and highlighted in the Outputs section. is the raising of silkworms for the production of natural silk. Lectr. I m interested in this lease.
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