Affordable option with comfortable, contoured detail that seats five people comfortably. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. An outdoor model with seating for 6 people. PLUG n' PLAY Fill with water & plug into any standard 120V outlet. With a full selection of plug-n-play spas and hot tubs available in a variety of sizes, layouts, and styles to suit every need and budget, hydrotherapy at home has never been easier. Our line of plug-n-play spas come from trusted brands like Hot Spring, Bullfrog, and Viking, each designed to fit most spaces. Finally – a spa that’s easy and affordable to own! There are three different styles of seating which means that you can sit where you are the most comfortable while you relax and unwind from a hard day of work. While you can still enjoy all of the basic hydrotherapy benefits of both spas, do note that the jet speed will be a bit weaker with a plug and play spa model. Great for the veranda or patio! Tub can feel a bit snug for small for individuals 6 feet or taller. Base PVC Cover Insulation 64-88 mm Vienna is a plug and play hot tub which means you can simply plug the spa in and use right away, no need to spend hundreds of ££s on wiring. Comes with a one-year warranty. Lightning and water definitely don’t mix. A plug-and-play hot tub doesn’t require any special installation, yet it provides the same benefits as a regular model: stress and pain relief, improved sleep, and relaxation. You’ve come to the right place. Three jets are on each seat while an added jet is on each of the two ends on this model. The hot water in your plug-and-play tub can work wonders on inflamed joints. Cover included. Look for a model with adjustable jets that allow you to change the direction and power of the stream. This hot tub fills the gap between the simple inflatable hot tub and a fully built in jacuzzi spa. By making hot tubs with standard 110v plugs, manufacturers have been able to not only lower the cost of installing a portable spa but have made it much more convenient. The design on this hot tub comes with fourteen jets laid out along four seats. Clean the filter. Shop SpasShop SpasShop SpasValue Spas MADE in the USA Easy to install and maintain. Furthermore, plug-and-play models aren’t permanently tethered to one spot with electrical and plumbing connections, making them easier to move around. A plug and play hot tub is delivered to your door and is pretty much ready to fill, heat and enjoy. As budget-friendly as you can get when it comes to plug and play hot tubs, but the look isn't for everyone. For those without the budget or setup for a traditional hot tub, a plug-and-play model is the perfect alternative. Features include a 1.5 HP Pump, 1 KW Heater, heat recovery system, ozonator and insulated cover.. NOW ONLY $1,949, Outdoor Furniture - Inventory Reduction And some people consider that a disadvantage. A. Heat-sensitive individuals should be careful when using a hot tub. Here is all you need to know. |. The 16 stainless steel jets provide a fantastic relaxing experience! Want even more customization? On a plug and play spa, the heater is convertible to 240v by removing a white wire and switching a dipswitch on the circuit board. From design to delivery, we help turn your dream home into reality. The BestReviews editorial team researches hundreds of products based on consumer reviews, brand quality, and value. If you’re pregnant or have a heart condition or circulatory issue, check with your doctor before using a hot tub. The compact nature of the hot tub allows for placement in any confined space and the customized lounge seating allows for ultimate comfort. Yes. 30 jets make it ideal for relaxing tired muscles. The 110V plug-n-play or 220V hot tub includes 22 hydrotherapy jets, 1 kW/4 kW heater, waterfall, and ozonator & LED light. Affordable DURABLE Perfect for your relaxation and entertainment needs. But if you’re looking for a basic hot tub at an affordable price, this disadvantage can easily be turned into a benefit for you. Today we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of plug and play hot tubs to … The right plug-and-play spa for you depends on several considerations, such as the number of people using the spa, the space that you have available in your yard, and whether you want any bells and whistles added. We purchase every product we review with our own funds — Retreat DXL 5-Person Plug and Play Hot Tub. Visit your local Watson’s superstore, or schedule an appointment with one of our Spa Experts. Plug-and-play units typically seat a maximum of four people. Can be used with salt water, unlike other popular choices. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. In fact, plug and play spas are on the lower end of the cost/unit spectrum. Home / Products / Kelowna SF Plug & Play 20-Jet 4-Person Spa. Considering one of our plug in hot tubs? We know every backyard has its own style. Low maintenance: No pipes or electrical connections means that plug-and-play hot tubs are easier to use year-round. A. Accommodates up to 6 people. More doesn’t necessarily mean better. This spa is made from a superior quality material that makes it durable. Expensive: The most expensive units, up to $7,000, combine durability, sleek design, maximum seating space, and fun features. Create the romantic atmosphere in your porch and add this plug and play spa with 21 jets for two person. Simple, straightforward setup that doesn't require any custom wiring or installation. The Canadian Spa Company's Yukon Plug and Play Spa is a compact but spacious 2-person hot tub that is easy to install and plugs directly into any standard 15A household outlet. Spa range; Plug and play; The Congo. The comfortable lounge seat is ergonomically contoured and two massaging JetPaks of your choice create an ideal personal spa experience. This is the perfect set up for a fun hot tub party in your backyard. Never get in a hot tub that looks dirty. Q. Select 150 4-Person Plug and Play with 12 Stainless Jets and LED Waterfall by AquaRest Spas The Select 150 Spa, with 12 Stainless Steel hydrotherapy jets, is unmatched in performance and value. If you have neighbors nearby, a noisy spa won’t be acceptable for nighttime use. Don't have enough space for a pool but still want a spot to hang out with guests? Lifesmart Lifesmart LS450DX 7-Person 22-Jet 110V Plug and Play Spa with Waterfall (49) Model# … It also prevents curious kids and pets from finding their way into the water unsupervised. Our shopping guide includes the advantages of these units, a list of considerations to note when shopping, and features to look for when browsing different models.
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