However, specific comptroller functions may occur at corps and division level. The chaplain advises the commander on matters of religion, morals, and morale as affected by religion, and on the impact of indigenous religions on military operations. Predicting fallout from friendly use of nuclear weapons and disseminating nuclear strike warning messages when required. Ensuring the staff renders assistance to subordinate commanders and staffs. G-6 (S-6) responsibilities related to C4OPS (general) include-. Estimating the effect of a unit's radiation exposure state on mission assignments. The G-5 (S-5) is required at all echelons from battalion through corps, but authorized only at division and corps. Integrating and managing the ISR effort through an integrated staff process and procedure. Supervising all tasks assigned to the staff. However, whenever a SOF unit is attached or under OPCON of the command, someone from the staff or the attached unit fulfills the SOCOORD's responsibilities. Monitoring movements on routes two echelons down. Historian. Coordinating with other members of the IO cell to ensure OPSEC coverage and dissemination of OPSEC measures. Coordinating customs and counterdrug activities. D-18. Developing policies, procedures, and techniques to govern the establishment, maintenance, and operation of the command's budget accounting system. Integrating nonlethal fires, including offensive IO, into the concept of fires and concept of operations (from input by the G-7 [S-7] at targeting meetings). Within their fields of interest, staff members fulfill the following specific IM tasks and activities: D-14. Typically, a SWO supports corps, divisions, aviation brigades, and special operations forces. Assisting with area damage control and NBC detection and reporting. Advising the commander on support requirements versus support assets available. Planning and supervising the command public affairs program. The surgeon is responsible for coordinating health assets and operations within the command, and may be a medical unit commander. Operating and maintaining the Air Force tactical air direction radio net and Air Force air request net. Providing IA direction and guidance to information assurance security coordinators (IASCs). Reviewing plans and orders for synchronization and completeness. Ensuring that special staff officers or sections have personnel, logistics, facilities, and proper support. Performing logistic preparation of the battlefield (with the support command). How often can you be made to pull Army Staff Duty/CQ/Details by Regulation? Establishing procedures that enable the staff to maintain a timely flow of RI (with the staff). Secretary of the General Staff. Providing air and missile attack early warning. Operations Security Officer. Supervising and preparing health-related reports and statistics. Providing advice and recommendations to the commander and staff in matters pertaining to enlisted soldiers. Establishing, operating, and supervising technical intelligence reporting procedures. Resource allocation and employment synchronization of all organic and supporting assets (including those of other Services). Supervision includes-. Participating in targeting meetings and developing applicable targeting products. Preparing special studies and reports, based on assembled historical material. D-1. Providing coordination between the corps and the special operations command and control element, which may co-locate with the main CP. Effective staff members know their respective responsibilities and duties. D-89. Presentations may take the form of briefings, written estimates, or staff studies. Evaluating collection reporting and intelligence. Counterintelligence includes-, D-55. Coordinating with the PM to control civilian traffic in the AO. D-101. Determining qualitative and quantitative personnel requirements for new equipment and systems. Coordinating interaction with the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES), and nonmilitary agencies servicing the command, such as the American Red Cross. Coordinating financial support of procurement and contracting. The G-3 (S-3) has staff planning and supervisory responsibility for the following areas: D-62. D-63. Identifying specified and implied tasks needed to accomplish the mission. Dental surgeon responsibilities include-, D-95. Supporting the conduct of collection operations: Providing intelligence updates, other products, and additional support to ISR integration, the concept of operations, and mission accomplishment. OPSEC officer responsibilities include-, D-124. Staff Planning and Supervision. Coordinating the transportation, storage, handling, and disposal of hazardous material or hazardous waste. Coordinating staff officers frequently designate members of their sections as action officers. Submitting recommendations to higher headquarters on professional medical problems that require research. Coordinating and synchronizing tactical IO with theater-strategic- and operational-level IO. Air Liaison Officer. var d = new Date(); Synchronizing and coordinating offensive and defensive IO with the overall operation. This regulation is certified current as of November 2017. An EOD officer is authorized at corps and divisions, and normally serves as the EOD group, battalion, or company commander. Coordinating with the G-3 (S-3), G-2 (S-2), and ENCOORD to requisition cataloged topographic foundation data and existing mission-specific data sets from the Defense Logistics Agency. (ATO and ACO information is normally received electronically through the Army Battle Command System (ABCS), which receives it from the Theater Battle Management Core System. D-23. Managing and controlling information network capabilities and services. D-121. Getting pregnant while on active duty in the U.S. Army does not mean that you must give up your military career. Providing information on the status of AMD systems, air and missile attack early warning radars, and ADA ammunition on hand. Developing and maintaining effective financial and management controls, procedures, and systems for the best use of resources. Coordinating audience pretesting and posttesting of propaganda and counterpropaganda products. Does anyone know a regulation that covers "excemption" of S1/42As from pulling Staff Duty? Before the inspection, inspectors inform the subordinate commander of the inspection's purpose. PSYOP officer responsibilities include-. G-3 (S-3) training responsibilities include-, D-59. Coordinating with the G-7 to integrate EW into IO. <<5AEB49FD764CB74CA43ABBB7E795E77E>]>> C4OPS include C4 operations (general), network operations (NETOPS) and IM. Ensuring that IDM meets the command's IM requirements. Finance Officer. D-32. Coordinating unit commercial and military satellite communications requirements with the SOO. The ALO-authorized at corps, divisions, and brigades-is the senior Air Force officer with each tactical air control party. Resource Manager or Comptroller. Staff research involves collecting and evaluating facts to solve problems or provide information. Administering civilian personnel management laws and regulations. Safety officer responsibilities include-, D-116. Advising on command health services and health matters concerning occupied or friendly territory within the AO. Personnel Support. Below corps level, a command normally receives a special operations liaison team to fulfill the SOCOORD's responsibilities. Coordinating with and providing direction to other staff elements about issues and information. Advising the commander on employing and reducing obstacles. A G-3 (S-3) is authorized at every echelon from battalion through corps. The G-7 (S-7) has the following staff planning and supervisory responsibilities: D-85. Ensuring that accountability and security of supplies and equipment are adequate (with the PM). First day I had staff duty and then a detail an hour after we got off of that detail. Coordinating the attachment of the 1st IOC(L) Field Support Team and other specialized IO teams. The ACOS, G-2 (S-2) is the principal staff officer for all matters concerning the enemy/threat, the environment as it affects the enemy/threat, intelligence, and counterintelligence. Administrative support for non-US forces, foreign nationals, and civilian internees. Managing the digital terrain data storage device (coordinates with the G-2 [S-2] for planning and distribution). Action officers coordinate proposed COAs with staff sections the COA would affect. These include gathering information for the commander, observing the execution of orders, and providing advice and assistance in their fields of interest. Advising on health and operational risks of animal disease, including possible biological warfare events. Logistic Operations and Plans (General). Transmitting advance notification of impending immediate airlift requirements. Consulting with staff sections, as appropriate, to obtain items for the special attention of inspectors and to arrange for technical assistance. Submitting information and intelligence requirements and reports to the G-2 (S-2). Providing intelligence support to targeting, to include participating in targeting meetings, developing targets, planning target acquisition, and tracking high-payoff targets (HPTs). One is normally task-organized to maneuver brigades and battalions. An aviation safety officer is authorized for corps staffs and all aviation units. Providing financial planning and assistance during the transition to war and throughout the conflict, including mobilization, redeployment, and demobilization. The historian, normally an Army civilian, is authorized at corps and divisions. Coordinating and synchronizing ARFOR AMD with joint force AMD. Serving as the command representative for all communications with external media. The ACOS, G-1/AG exercises coordinating staff responsibility over the IG, when required. D-7. TALO responsibilities include-, D-119. Determining supply requirements, except medical (with the support unit commander and the G-3 [S-3]). Assessing the effects of collection by maintaining requirements visibility, asset visibility, and ISR assessment capability. Planning community relations programs to gain and maintain public understanding and goodwill, and to support military operations. Avoid conflict and duplication by adjusting plans or policies before implementation. The AVCOORD is the senior aviation officer in the force and the commander of an aviation unit supporting it. Staff officers are listed under the coordinating, special, and personal staff group to which they belong. Overseeing cost capturing to support requests for funding authority for operations and requests to replace funds shifted from other programs (for example, mission training) to support an operation. Executing policies and standards concerning enlisted soldier performance, training, appearance, and conduct. This RI helps commanders achieve situational understanding. Coordinating with higher headquarters for OPSEC activities support. Air and Missile Defense Coordinator. Motor transportation organic to or allocated for headquarters use. Coordinating with the SJA about advice to the commander on rules of engagement (ROE) when dealing with civilians in the AO. Supporting unit linguist requirements through identifying all foreign-language-skilled soldiers in the organization, regardless of MOS. Developing annual non-OPTEMPO requirements. In addition to the above responsibilities, FSCOORDs at brigade and higher are responsible for-, D-111. Organization for combat, resource allocations, and command and support relationships. Maintaining the unit readiness status of each unit in the command. The action officer resolves any conflicts and presents a recommendation to the approving authority for decision. Corps, divisions, and major support commands are authorized a headquarters commandant. Determining EEFI and OPSEC vulnerabilities and recommending EEFI to the commander. D-72. The CSM is responsible for providing the commander with personal, professional, and technical advice on enlisted soldier matters and the NCO corps as a whole. 432 0 obj <> endobj You know what it's called? Recording and reporting data for information, planning and programming, allocation, and justification (manpower reports). The assistant or deputy AVCOORD is a permanent position on the staff, representing the AVCOORD. ), D-133. Marine Liaison Team Commander. 11 votes, 36 comments. (function(src){var a=document.createElement("script");a.type="text/javascript";a.async=true;a.src=src;var b=document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];b.parentNode.insertBefore(a,b)})("//"); The commander's staff must function as a single, cohesive unit-a professional team. The ALO is responsible for coordinating aerospace assets and operations, such as close air support (CAS), air interdiction, air reconnaissance, airlift, and joint suppression of enemy air defenses. This practice allows commanders to focus on the overall operation. Providing counsel to the family advocacy case review committee. Determining requirements and recommending assets to support AMD. The COS helps the commander prepare subordinate units for future employment. D-99. Coordinating Staff Responsibility. The EOA is responsible for coordinating matters concerning equal opportunity for soldiers and their families. The transportation officer is responsible for coordinating transportation assets and operations. Adjusting the production and dissemination portion of the intelligence synchronization plan. Recommending use of resources to accomplish maneuver and support, including resources required for MD. Coordinating logistic and administrative support of civilian journalists under unit administrative control. The coordinating staff officer under whose field of interest an action falls is responsible for coordinating it. The G-5 (S-5) establishes the civil-military operations center, evaluates civil considerations during mission analysis (identifying the civil centers of gravity), and prepares the groundwork for transitioning the AO from military to civilian control.
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