Perhaps the best example of this is the Greenworks 21272. The problem is they are noisy and even the most environmentally friendly ones do pollute the environment. You would have to be a hedge trimming beast to need more runtime in a day. The STIHL brand has an extensive dealer network to support their equipment and they’re strong believers in backing up their workmanship. Only the instructions, which are generic and not very clear, let it down. Where it really falls short is in terms of raw power and cutting capability. The weight may be a bit much for some to handle, but the support strap does compensate for that. That’s not always the case. This gas-powered trimmer is perfect for the homeowner that wants the power of gas on a tight budget. What makes these reviews unique is that there isn’t a bad choice. Sold on Lithium Ion. Parts start to wear out or break off. On the plus side, this is likely to be one of the lightest trimmers you’ll ever use. Many consumers avoid battery-powered string trimmers because of the limited run time you get on an individual charge. We might typically think of gas-powered string trimmers as large machines that are difficult to carry around the yard. No cords to pull and no worries about throwing your shoulder out in the process. This review contains affiliate links and we may receive a commission for purchases made. The problem with the Greenworks trimmer is that it doesn’t have a great reputation when it comes to longevity. If you’re not used to lifting or if you have certain physical limitations this is still a good choice. If you have a lot of trimming to do thought this may not be the best weed eater for you. The engine speed remains constant on the 50cm blade regardless of the load. What you do get with this trimmer is cordless freedom and a clean conscience. A mobile, quiet and powerful means of keeping grass under control - the new STIHL cordless 36 V brushcutters are confident of keeping this promise. Hopefully, our STIHL trimmer reviews will help make it easier for you to choose the best STIHL trimmer for you. You’ll get a decent amount of running time with this model, but it doesn’t come close to the FSA 90 R’s potential to go for up to 2 hours. These impressive machines operate with a high stroke rate and are fitted with special cutters with a long tooth height for tackling branches up to 22mm in diameter. This is an impressive machine with a 40-volt battery for extra power. Like other STIHL gas-powered trimmers this one starts on the first pull just about every time. The FS 240 is clearly a much better trimmer than the WS405. It has a powerful engine and a nice wide cutting deck for handling larger jobs. What the curved design does do is make the trimmer easier to handle. We live in a throwaway world. Saving the need to use a step ladder, this is safer to use by easily cutting from the ground with a 250cm reach. As long as the battery is fully charged you simply press the start button and away you go. This is what STIHL Cordless Hedge Trimmer achieves with its powerful performance. Stihl is well known for reliable, well-designed garden tools for professional gardeners. That’s better than most battery-powered trimmers, but it doesn’t compare to the FSA 90 R’s ability to go for up to 2 hours with its upgraded battery. If on the other hand, raw cutting power is your main concern, there’s no substitute for a gas powered STIHL trimmer. This model also comes equipped with STIHL’s standard adjustable handle which can be adjusted up and down or rotated up to 360 degrees to make it more comfortable to handle. STIHL takes the quality of their products seriously and that’s evident with this trimmer. If there’s one thing you can say about STIHL products it’s that they always tend to do a good job at the task they’re designed for. Both have their good qualities, but in our experience A company that’s a bit of a new name offers some decent competition for the FSA 90 R. In the premium battery-powered trimmer market the Kobalt KST 130X is a decent product. Anyone of the trimmers reviewed in this article will keep your yard neat and tidy for years. If you’re in the back half of a large property while using this trimmer you should be okay, but you may want to wait and do the areas around the house until the family’s awake. Furthermore, the blade design of the STIHL works very well to bring the branches in and cut them. This trimmer has a straight shaft design which makes it easier to reach into confined spaces and it’s long enough to extend your reach considerably. STIHL specifically designed this trimmer to be used by professionals. There’s no noticeable difference in power output between the first minute of use and the twenty-eighth minute. It really doesn’t have any. Tackle your hedges with the Stihl HSA 45 cordless trimmer We have been impressed by Stihl’s battery-powered gardening equipment before. On a blazing-hot day, we took four cordless hedge trimmers to a large group of yews and boxwoods and a hedge that … ReviewedJul 2019 The Stihl HLA56 Hedge Trimmer is a cordless, long-reach hedge trimmer designed for cutting taller hedges. Whatever the reason is that you need a string trimmer that can handle a lot of hard work the FS 240 from STIHL has you covered. Another feature that separates the FSA 90 from other battery-operated models is its impressive cutting swathe. brushes and other confined areas, they also give you a little more reach. curved shaft trimmers. Sometimes you need something with a little more power. With a wide, 30mm tooth spacing on the blade this hedge trimmer cuts efficiently and can cope with even mature, woody growth well. The FS 240 weighs in at 15.2 lbs and that’s why it has a two handled bicycle handle design that makes it easier to manage. This machine covers an area about 15 inches in diameter. You won’t have to worry about waking of the family or the neighbors if you decide you want to do a little trimming early on a Saturday morning. They are without a doubt the premier name on the market and they have been for decades. the straight shaft is usually the best option. The FS 40 C-E also comes equipped with a quick stop button that will stop the device quickly if you run into a snag. looking to replace our things within a year or two of purchase. Curved shafted trimmers are just as powerful as most straight shafted trimmers – it’s just a matter of preference and comfort. The built-in anti-vibration technology also makes it more comfortable to use. Stihl products have been around since the early 1900s. The gas tank is a decent size at 25 ounces, but you may have to fill it a couple of times for large jobs. Their cordless string trimmer is powered by their popular M18 platform and when paired with a 9.0 Ah battery, you'll have hours of runtime. This is a great entry-level string trimmer and, spoiler alert, it’s the only competitor in this article that we believe might actually edge out its STIHL competition. With that in mind we decided to update this STIHL trimmer guide to take a closer look at the competition as well. The FSE 60 is a good-quality STIHL electric weed trimmer with zero emissions. Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox. The batteries have a charge indicator signalling how much charge is left via four LED lights and the chargers have lights to indicate when the batteries are charging and when they’re fully charged. The choke lever is also housed behind a protective sleeve to help protect it from damage. Please read our, 10 of the best Christmas wreaths for your front door, Greenworks G40HT61K2 hedge trimmer review. The latter option is a bit awkward though, so we don’t really recommend it. STIHL FSA 45. With its professional blades and individual settings for vertical or overhead cutting, the STIHL cordless long-reach hedge trimmer helps you work more quickly on high or wide hedges. Yes, you can buy this product from online retailers and that’s an advantage, but you can find a STIHL dealer in just about any city or town so that’s not a major issue either. just going to move on in a couple of years anyway. The environment will thank you and so will your neighbors. A powerful and well-priced cordless grass trimmer, the Stihl FSA 45 is the perfect choice for gardens with up to 250m of borders. The FSA 90 R string trimmer is in a different class from what most of us are used to. They also have great customer service teams that are readily available when consumers need them. Read our full review to find out whether Stihl has cut any corners to produce this model. You may pay a little more for a STIHL string trimmer, but it’s money well spent. It’s an easy to use trimmer with industrial strength. Both are good trimmers – it’s just that the STIHL trimmer has a lot more cutting power. These features do make it a little larger than the entry-level models though – it does weigh in at about 10.6 lbs. This is ideal for trimming larger, more mature hedges and shrubs and for working in larger gardens for extended periods of time. You won’t get much more than 20 minutes of work done on one charge and that will be a non-starter for some. It cuts a slightly larger path at almost 14 inches. They simply make a better quality trimmer than Black & Decker, so we’ll stick with our endorsement of the FSA 45 as the best choice in the entry-level battery powered trimmer category. The bottom line is there aren’t many clear advantages for STIHL over Black+Decker in this category. It weighs only 5.1 pounds and that makes it very easy to handle for almost anyone. It’s also equipped with an impressive 16.5-inch cutting deck so that you don’t have to make too many passes as you go. If you find yourself leaning towards a green option that leaves only a small footprint on the environment while you work outdoors a cordless battery powered trimmer is the best way to go. The FS 56 RC-E is one of the top-rated STIHL grass trimmers. That type of thinking can be expensive when it comes lawn equipment that can easily cost you a few hundred dollars. If there’s one thing you can say about STIHL products it’s that they always tend … So, when we got word of the HSA 45 cordless hedge-trimmer, it was time to drop the long-handled shears. If you tend to be a bit absent minded like me when doing the yard work this is a nice back up feature to have. If you want something that’s environmentally friendly, but you’re not sold on battery powered trimmers that only operate for a limited time then an electric model is your best options. Many suggest having a second battery ready to swap out and that may be the best option for any trimmer in this category. I cut light brush for 30 minutes, and the battery was about half. It is a great option for homeowners who like a noise free hedging experience over a noisy one. The first product was a chainsaw, it debuted in 1930. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other good choices on the market. Anyone with their heart set on a battery-powered string trimmer will love the FSA 90 R. It’s one of the best cordless string trimmers and it’s a great environmentally friendly option. It really came down to its slight larger cutting deck. The handle doesn’t rotate but the blade has a tip protector to prevent it getting damaged or cutting fences and walls that are nearby. It’s true the LST201 does have a slightly larger cutting deck, but that wasn’t enough to convince us it’s a better product. The other reason we believe the FSA 56 deserves a strong mention in our STIHL battery string trimmer reviews is because of how quiet it is. With a strong, efficient cut this quiet, comfortable cordless hedge trimmer handles well, comes with a two-year warranty and is great value for money. Instead, it comes down to a matter of personal preference. Despite an overall 4th place finish, there’s no doubt that Stihl has a professional level string trimmer with the FSA 90 R. Makita XRU07Z LXT 18V X2 String Trimmer It weighs a manageable 8.8 lbs and the engine pumps out a decent amount of power at 0.6 kW. 4Ah battery … Their products are always built to last. The battery is held securely but is not connected so you can safely carry it around the garden and it won’t start accidentally. I thought it was for people in metropolitan areas with postage stamp-sized yards. Verdict. The FSA 56 weighs slightly less than 8 pounds with the battery attached and it has a familiar straight shaft design. STIHL Cordless Hedge Trimmer Reviews The best thing about cordless hedge trimmers is that they function quietly and effectively without arising any movement restrictions. Purchasing STIHL equipment is less convenient, but it’s worth the hassle. These extremely comfortable cordless trimmers with mowing head, direct drive and large cutting radius offer outstanding trimming power for greater efficiency, mobility and silent operation. The FSA 45 battery-powered string trimmer is no exception. Read the full list of the best hedge trimmers. It literally ran off with the runtime test, lasting almost five hours. Adjustable length pole. You don’t have to recharge a battery or refill the gas tank. We’ve divided our reviews into three different categories: gas powered, battery powered, and electric powered string trimmers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Where it falls short is with its battery power. This trimmer has a curved shaft design which can make it a little easier to maneuver, although it doesn’t make it easy to get into tight spaces.
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